The right words can make the difference between success and failure. Words are my specialty and choosing the right ones for you and your market is what I do best. With a background as a professional freelance copywriter, I understand what works and what doesn’t, and can help you reach your target every time.

In addition to copywriting, I am an award-winning journalist with over 15 years of experience in taking complex ideas and concepts and making them easy to understand in a clear, concise manner. It’s all in the details and my background in journalism has provided me with sophisticated interview and research techniques that help me pull information together quickly and make a good project great. It has also allowed me to step into many new and different commercial situations and quickly get up to speed. No hand-holding required, if you need copy done right the first time, you have come to the right place.

Writing is all about structuring important information in a way that has maximum impact. Whether you need letters, newsletters, press releases, print ads, TV or radio commercials, articles, advertorials, brochures, event invitations, or website copy, give your message a professional edge and call me today – I will put the right words to work for you.

Writing Services Available By Hour or Project



Running a business is filled with challenges, as a business owner myself, believe me, I get that. When budgets are small and time is tight, the knee-jerk reaction is to try and do it all ourselves. But how? When? Where do you learn to do it yourself? Sometimes it’s important to talk to someone who understands the specific issues and demands that business owners, entrepreneurs, and solo practitioners face.

That’s where Wordmiller.com comes in.

Marketing is more than promoting yourself or your business, it’s what you say and what you do, and how you reach your target market. It’s what makes people talk about you, and what makes them want or NOT want to do business with you. Bottom line, marketing is everything.

I can help you brainstorm immediate solutions to address specific problems, and go over all aspects of your business to determine your goals and objectives in marketing and beyond.  I can also help you develop a plan to meet those goals. I can also help you take the initial steps to market your business in a way that allows you to do the majority of it yourself, without looking like you did it yourself.

I would like to invite you to bring your toughest marketing or communications issues to me, and together we can work to find the right solutions to move your business from where it is, to where you want it to be.

Consulting Sessions Available in One-Hour Increments

Social Media

Social media is a living, breathing, and ever evolving way of doing business. It is the single most effective way to become familiar to your target market, to become someone that they know, love, trust, and most importantly, as someone that they want to do business with.

While you more than likely know social media is important, do you know how to make it work for you and your business? Do you wonder how your competition has 10,000 Facebook and Twitter Followers and you are trailing with only a few hundred? Do you wonder how they manage to promote services and events through these mediums AND get results?

If you are approaching social media it from a traditional marketing standpoint, it will never work for you. Social media is not a marketer’s platform and traditional rules do not apply. Social media belongs to the consumers.

That’s where Wordmiller.com comes in.

I understand the flow of social media and can help you not only position your business, but implement a strategy to help you learn and use social media marketing concepts in a way that works for you.

Hours available in 2-hour blocks, minimum 2 hours per month. Requires Minimum 3-Month Commitment.



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